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When you need private well repair or maintenance services quickly, our professionals at Hickory Well Services Inc. come to the rescue. Owning a private well provides tremendous benefits, but it can also require maintenance and repair over time.

A faulty well pump or a worn-out seal in the pump motor are good examples. Pressure tank failures exhibit symptoms like pressure variations, low pressure at points of use, short pump cycle times, and pressure switch hammering. The urgency lies in getting these repairs fixed promptly so you’re not left without clean running water.

Our company has the experience and know-how to carry out the best practices for preserving and maintaining healthy well water for you and your family. Here, we'll explore some of the most common failure points in a private well and the solutions we use to address them.

Well repair & servicing:

Losing water or having no water is almost always an ordeal. Water wells can experience various issues or failure points over time due to factors such as natural wear and tear, geological conditions, and water quality. Addressing these common failure points in a water well system is essential to ensure the well continues to provide clean and reliable water.  Hickory Well Services has experienced, trained technicians to help diagnose and repair your well. Here are some of the most common failure points and how to address them:

Reduced Water Flow:

Cause: Reduced water flow can be due to mineral scale buildup, well screen clogging, or aquifer depletion.


  • Clean and rehabilitate the well: Removing sediment, mineral deposits, and other obstructions from the well can often improve water flow.

  • Hydrofracturing: In cases of aquifer depletion or low water yield, hydrofracturing (fracturing the rock surrounding the well) can be used to increase water flow.

Pump Failure:

Cause: Pump failure can result from various factors, including motor issues, electrical problems, or a damaged pump.


  • Inspect and repair the pump: A qualified technician should inspect and repair or replace the pump and motor components as needed.

  • Ensure proper electrical connections: Verify that the electrical supply to the pump is functioning correctly.

Well Casing Damage:

Cause: Corrosion or physical damage to the well casing can occur over time.


  • Repair or replace the damaged casing: A professional should assess the extent of damage and either repair or replace the casing as necessary.

Water Quality Issues:

Cause: Water well systems may experience water quality problems due to contamination from bacteria, chemicals, or minerals.


  • Shock chlorination: Treating the well with chlorine to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms.

  • Water treatment systems: Install water treatment equipment, such as filters, UV disinfection, or water softeners, to address specific water quality issues.

Pressure Problems:

Cause: Pressure problems can result from issues with the well pump, pressure tank, or pressure switch.


  • Check and adjust the pressure switch settings.

  • Inspect and replace pressure tank components if necessary.

  • Address pump issues as described above.

Wellhead Issues:

Cause: Problems with the wellhead, such as leaks or damage, can lead to contamination or reduced well performance.


  • Inspect the wellhead regularly and repair any damage.

  • Ensure the wellhead is properly sealed to prevent contamination.

Water Table Decline:

Cause: In areas with a falling water table, wells may produce less water over time.


  • Monitor water levels regularly and consider well deepening or hydrofracturing if water levels continue to decline.

Old or Inadequate Well Components:

Cause: Outdated or undersized well components may lead to reduced efficiency or performance.


  • Upgrade well components, including pumps, motors, and pressure tanks, to modern, more efficient models.

Neglected Maintenance:

Cause: Lack of regular maintenance can lead to various well problems over time.


  • Implement a routine well maintenance schedule that includes regular inspections, cleaning, and water quality testing.

Addressing these common failure points in a water well system often requires the expertise of a licensed well driller or contractor. Regular maintenance and proactive monitoring can help prevent many of these issues and extend the lifespan of your water well system.

You can rely on our expertise for well servicing in Hickory and emergency well repair

When you make the decision to call Hickory Well Services Inc., you're guaranteed to get fast and reliable service. Our professionals, with decades of experience in well repair and servicing, are known for their reliability, great communication, and honest work, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service for your well system.

While your private well can be affected by normal wear and tear and require a new well pump installation or water quality factors necessitating a water filtration system, you can rest assured knowing you have a dependable company in your hip pocket that acts quickly when you call.

No water? In urgent need of emergency well repair? No problem. We offer prompt and reliable solutions to get your well system back up and running smoothly in no time. Whether it's routine maintenance or an emergency, we are your trusted partners in Catawba County, NC.

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