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Hickory Well Services Inc. Hickory, NC

Are you looking for an experienced well drilling and well installation company you can depend on for quality services? Hickory Well Services is the brand to trust. We offer well drilling and installation services to homeowners and businesses in Hickory, NC.

We use specialized equipment to drill wells of varying lengths and diameters through different types of soil and rock formations. Our highly experienced team can also install different types of tanks, filters, and pumps to optimize the water flow and water pressure.

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Hickory's General Purpose Well Drilling and Installation Services

Designing your own water supply system can help reduce your utility bills and give you cleaner, better-tasting drinking water.

At Hickory Well Services, our residential water well service team can design and install a well system to meet your everyday water needs.

Irrigation Water Well Drilling and Installation for Your Lawn, Garden, and Farm

Depending on the city’s water source, watering your plants can be costly. The water may also contain additives that could be unhealthy for your plants. That’s why you should use our irrigation and well drilling service.

During irrigation well drilling, we drill a hole that’s at least six inches in diameter to access underground water sources and install a system that will deliver the water to your crops.  

Geothermal Well Drilling for Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and affordable solution for heating and cooling your property? Take advantage of our geothermal well drilling services. This type of drilling aims to take advantage of the earth’s constant subsurface temperature.

During the installation process, pipe containing anti-freeze will go from your heat pump into the drilled hole (maybe up to 400 feet). The heat pump will transfer heat from your home to the ground in the summer and vice versa in the winter.

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