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Comprehensive Well Inspections Service for Homeowners and Businesses

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Does your home or business get its water supply from a well? You should keep in mind that you can’t ignore the well system for too long. You need annual well inspections to ensure all components are working as well as they should.

At Hickory Well Services, we have over 80 years of experience offering our well inspections service to homeowners and businesses across Hickory, NC. With our well inspection service, you can be confident that there are no contaminants within your water system and that there are no problems with the well infrastructure.

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Water well Inspection Services

What Does Our Well Inspection Include?

Our water well inspection service features different elements. First, we perform a flow test to ensure there’s no issue with your well’s water pressure and output. We’ll also check the water sample for signs of cloudiness, contaminants, abnormal odors, and more.

Next, we’ll evaluate the water level both before and during pumping.

The third step involves checking the mechanical and electrical systems. We’ll look at the pump motor performance, amp load, line voltage, grounding, and so on.

In the final stage of the well inspection, we’ll evaluate the pressure switch and pressure tank. We’ll also look at the well physically for any cracks, signs of caving, etc.

After we complete the test water testing and well system inspections, we’ll write a one- or two-page report showing our conclusions on the test results and recommendations on how to fix any problems we’ve found.

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At Hickory Well Services, we have decades of experience providing expert water well inspections service to homeowners and businesses.

With our meticulous approach, we never miss anything during the inspections. You can trust us to uncover any potential problems in the earliest stages. Is your well due for an inspection? Do you need an emergency inspection?

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