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Water Well Services FAQ

The most common well services FAQ answered by our experts at Hickory Well Services.

  • What Are the Advantage of Having My Own Water Well?

    A water well gives you a reliable and independent source of water. You’ll never have to worry about municipal regulations and fees anymore. You can also enjoy higher quality and better-tasting water.

  • What Is the Best Location for My Water Well?

    The best location for your well depends on several factors, including the depth and quality of the groundwater, your property’s geology, the distance from possible sources of contamination, and more.

    During the initial evaluations, we’ll carefully analyze your property before recommending the best possible location to cite the well.

  • How Long Will It Take to Drill My Well?

    The project duration will vary depending on the depth and diameter of your well, the site peculiarities, and the weather conditions on the day of the job. At Hickory Well Services, we use the highest quality drilling equipment on every job. Most jobs take us one to two days on average, but if you want a more precise timeline or answers to other well services FAQ, contact our team.

  • How Can I Maintain My Well?

    Regular maintenance is vital if you want to keep your well safe and effective. We recommend scheduling an inspection and maintenance visit at least once a year. You can also do a few things on your own.

    For example, keep the well area as clean as possible, and don’t allow vegetation to grow over and around the well. Additionally, don’t dispose of any refuse around the well.

  • How Much Will It Cost to Drill and Install a Water Well?

    The cost of drilling and installing your water well depends on factors like the size and type of well, the depth and quality of the groundwater, and more. The best way to be sure about the cost of the project is to request an estimate from our team.

  • Will My Water Well Go Dry?

    Your water well in Hickory, NC, will not go dry. If there’s no water coming through your faucets, you should request a pump inspection and repair service quickly. You can rely on our team for reliable services and answers to more well services FAQ.

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