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Water Well Services in Hickory, NC

Water flows - Water Treatment Service in Hickory NC
The experts at Hickory Well Drilling Co. Inc. in Hickory, North Carolina strive to ensure our customers are satisfied with the overall efficiency of their water well. We offer residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal water well drilling services throughout the community. Call 828-324-0035 to schedule an estimate.

Well Drilling and Water Filtration Services

Well Drilling - We carry 6” and 8” diameter water wells for any industry.

Well Inspections -We conduct well inspections for home buyers, to ensure the well is functioning optimally and producing abundant, safe, and clean water. Inspections include water testing.

Water Analysis - We test your water and provide a written report outlining the type and levels of minerals, chemicals, and contaminants found.

Water Filtration - We install water filtration systems to remove the pollutants, sediments, contaminants and impurities from the water.
Water Pump- We install and repair water well pumps and their components. We will also complete a yearly inspection.

Geothermal Services - We specialize in both geothermal open and closed loop drilling to remove cooling and heating sources found under the earth's surface.