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Our History
Hickory Pump Company was founded in Hickory, North Carolina by Mr. L. L. Martin in 1938. The company provided well and pump installation services for Catawba County and the surroundings counties as well as municipal wells for public use in Western North Carolina and Northern South Carolina. In the 1940s, Hickory Pump Company branched out into the supply business and became Hickory Well Supply Company.

Mr. H. C. (Cliff) Huffman was an early partner in the company beginning in well rig operation and pump installation, and later as a primary sales representative for drilling equipment and pumps in Western North Carolina and the surrounding states.

During the 1940s and early 1950, Hickory Well Supply Company operated a number of percussion well drilling rigs and performed pump installation and repair. Pump systems installed ranged from residential centrifugal "jet" type pumps to working head (suction rod) pumps and industrial line shaft turbine pumps. Since public water was not readily available in many areas, Hickory Well drilling played a significant role in the residential, commercial and municipal development of the Catawba Valley during the 40s and 50s.

The 1960 saw the advent of submersible well pumps which operated from under the water surface in the well. Versatile and efficient, these pumps revolutionized the well water systems. Hickory Well Drilling led the way in the changeover from above ground to submersible pumping systems. by the 1960s, Hickory ell Drilling has a sister company operating in Statesville, North Carolina. L. Wilson Martin, son of L. L. Martin, founded Air Drilling Company. The company name of the Statesville firm highlights another advance in well drilling technology. The decade saw an almost total changeover from cable tool percussion drilling equipment to rotary air drilling equipment. The new equipment used by Hickory Well Drilling and Air Drilling made well construction cleaner, faster, less labor intensive and more economical.

The State of North Carolina first adopted well construction regulations in 1972. Hickory Well Drilling welcomed this recognition by the State of the importance of the ground water industry and its services tot he people of North Carolina. H. C. Huffman, and early partner of Hickory Well Drilling, served on the first State Board of Water Well Contractor Examiners from 1975 to 1977. In later years, L. Wilson Marin of Hickory Well Drilling served on the Well Contractors Certification Board. The decade of the 70s saw continued growth and success for the company.

In 1983, Hickory Well Drilling was incorporated with Dan Huffman elected as President/CEO and L. Wilson Martin elected as Secretary/Treasurer. Services were expanded during this time to include water testing and water filtration systems. Wilson Martin pioneered the use of strong, non-corrosive PVC well casing securing State approval of PVC well casing in the later 1980. Dan Huffman managed the company during the 80s and 90s during which time the company provided quality water services to Catawba County and its surrounding countries.

Hickory Well Drilling purchased the equipment, records and inventory of Huffman Well & Pump Company upon the retirement of Horace and Peggy Huffman in 1997. An additional pump service crew was added to better serve the growing customer base. he years of 2000 and 2001 were record drought years for the Catawba Valley. Hickory Well Drilling provided the services to replace marginal wells and outdated pumping systems so the vital ground water would remain available to its customers during the drought.

Bakers Piedmont Well & Pump owner Carroll Baker retired in 2004. His companies' records and telephone number were purchased by Hickory Well Drilling so that his customers would continue to receive quality services. Dan Huffman became the sole owner of Hickory ell Drilling in 2005 by purchase from Wilson Martin.

Drought returned to the Catawba Valley in '07 & '08. Hickory Well Drilling was once again ready to meet the area's growing demands for pure, safe and abundant water.

Hickory Well Drilling provides well drilling personnel and pump service technicians certified by the State of North Carolina and the National Ground Water Association. Dam Huffman holds an SP/WP Electrical License and a Class C Water Treatment Facility Operator Certification. Hickory Well Drilling is a member of the National Ground Water Association, the North Carolina Ground Water Association, the Better Business Bureau of Western North Carolina, the Home Builders Association of Hickory/ Catawba Valley, the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Goulds Pumps and Berkeley Pump Professional Dealers Association.